The Intelligent Answer to Solar Systems

Solar Conversions is able to take care of all your solar energy needs.  

We will help you harness the energy of the sun to heat your water and power your home or offices.

A strong legacy

Solar Conversions is a company with the aim of making alternative energy available to the wider public in all forms. 

Our heating system has been developed over an extensive period, utilising universities and various experts in the field.  We strive to keep our technology on the cutting edge of innovation, but still “user friendly”.  

We have been in the alternative energy industry since 1961.

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Hoare Installation
Service and Product Excellence

We cover your solar heating and your electrical requirements. 

All our systems are custom designed to suit your specific needs. 

We value excellent service at all times while simultaneously aiming to keep our costs as low as possible and the system as simplistic as possible in order to suite any budget. 

Finance available to selected clients.

Our Specialties
Solar Heating

Solar Electricity

Ideal Solar Solutions

Our uniquely developed heating system is compatible with all geyser types.  It is designed to be neat in appearance with no unsightly tanks.  Contact us for a free quotation.   We also offer free advice on hot water management.  System monitors and loggers available.

Materials are of the highest quality and are SABS approved.  Workmanship is guaranteed.

We are committed to non-inflationary business practises.  Finance is available.


We have retired and my son has taken over the house and asked about the solar system. It has been working flawlessly since you installed it on 29th March, 2012. A great help, thank you so much.

Mike Meadowridge

Julle stelsel werk uitstekend, veral in die woonstel wat ons uitverhuur.

Baie dankie.

Trevor Hoheizon

A great help, especially during load shedding. 

I should have installed one years ago.

Tina Robertson